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Web Development

Web Development

Web Design

Beautifully designed websites tailored to your business.

With more and more consumers doing their research online before purchasing products or arranging services, your website is one of your most valuable business assets. This is often the first impression clients will have of your business, which is why Shree Infosys has a reputation for providing web design businesses can rely on.


At Shree Infosys, we aim to develop a website that reflects your branding, appeals to consumers and looks great! To do this, we spend time getting to know both your business, and your target market. We believe good web design suits YOUR business, which is why we work hard to develop an innovative website that gets you noticed!

responsive web design


A responsive web design adapts to suit screens of different widths, whether than be a mobile device, tablet, laptop or desktop. With many consumers using mobile devices or tablets on a daily basis, the need for a responsive design has never been higher. At Shree Infosys, we can build you a website that works on all devices. Simple, user friendly, responsive and visually pleasing websites are our specialty. There’s no need for multiple sites. Let us create a website for your business that has a smart layout, so users always have the best experience browsing your site.
Web Development


For a good website to work, it needs solid foundations. That’s where our Edmonton website development services come in to play. We build functional websites that offer an exceptional experience to users. We focus on developing websites that work for YOUR business. We know how to build a website that adds to your brand, making your story flow effortlessly through the page layout, colour, images and videos. And because Shree Infosys Graphics Design and Printing specialise in graphic design, we ensure everything is consistent, right down to the last pixel.


Why do you need a strong, appealing E-commerce site? Selling online isn’t as easy as having a great product. Customers need to be able to easily navigate your store to find what they want, and feel confident that your site is secure when purchasing. We use proven E-commerce technology, which offers our clients the flexibility and control they need to keep up with a growing catalogue of products. And by having an eCommerce website this will also give your customers the ability to have access to your business 24/7, anywhere and anytime.
Search Engine Optimization


In this digital age, having a website that looks good is half the battle. Generating new leads by being easily found is the other! No one wants a website that can’t be found. That’s where Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) comes in. SEO refers to the process of improving your website’s rankings on Google (or any other search engine) for your market. With so many factors affecting the way search engines rank your website, optimisation is a complex process that starts before your website is even built! Don’t get lost in the pack. A good SEO strategy can dramatically improve the rankings of your site, exposing your business to more customers. At Davis Design, we understand the importance of tailored strategy for SEO, whether you want to target Geelong, Melbourne or all areas of the world!


Your website’s Content Management System (CMS) makes it easy to add, edit and display content on your site. The CMS gives you access to store and categorise the content for each page, whether it be embedded videos or audio, images or text. There are numerous Content Management Systems available, each offering their own features and benefits, which can be integrated into your website. We choose a CMS that works for your business. If you want to take control of editing the content yourself, we can make it happen. Prefer to let us handle content changes for you? Just let us know.


Stay in touch with your client base in style! Let us help you send amazing personal emails to your customers in just minutes with our simple-to-use email marketing systems. Reflecting your branding, we help you engage with your customers. Shree Infosys can custom design a newsletter template that allows you to easily manage your campaigns. We provide a full service, which includes creating, managing and delivering email marketing for businesses to drive successful, targeted campaigns.